Philosophy & background

A unifying thread that runs through my research, teaching, and service is understanding how people learn so efficiently and effectively, and what kinds of inputs and environments (what we say and do) allow such efficient and effective learning to occur.

I was a Teaching Fellow (TF) for Stanford’s Psych One program in academic year 2019-20, for which I led or co-led 2 sections and graded assignments in autumn 2019, winter 2020, and spring 2020 (online).

I am scheduled to TA for Stanford’s Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Psych 60) course (on ExploreCourses, Carta), taught by Hyo Gweon and Erica Yoon, in spring 2021 and summer 2021. If you are a Stanford undergraduate curious about how we learn about the world, and the origins of our beliefs and capacities as human beings, hope to see you there!


I am a Graduate Teaching Consultant for Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for 2020-21. As a Graduate Teaching Consultant, I am excited to share what I have learned, and to learn in turn from fellow teachers and colleagues. I’m particularly interested in fostering learning environments that are supportive and inclusive of diversity.

If you are an instructor for a course at Stanford, CTL offers a variety of services led by Graduate Teaching Consultants, including small group feedback sessions (often conducted as a mid-quarter student evaluation), video recording consulting (analyzing a recording of your teaching for a class together), and microteaching (feedback on short teaching demos for a group of TAs). You can learn more about CTL’s teaching services on the CTL teaching support page.